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Hair Removal Services

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Battisti’s offers full body permanent laser hair reduction and waxing treatments for both men and women with no recovery time necessary. Strict sanitation protocols are observed for every service.

Service prices may vary and are subject to change.

Hair Removal Treatments

Our team will do a consult with you to discuss the area(s) you want to have treated. If you’re interested in laser hair removal, our hair removal experts will assess your skin tone and hair type to establish the number of treatment sessions needed to achieve your desired results.


A warm wax application quickly and effectively removes hair from facial and body areas for a safe, systematic, and longer lasting hair removal for both women and men.


A modern version of ancient Egyptian hair removal for both men and women is all – natural and non-aggressive to the skin made of sugar, lemon, and herbs.


Private, permanent, safe hair removal.


A fast, comfortable, and permanent alternative hair removal method.

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Reach out to reserve a spot on the calendar. Please list all relevant information, including desired services, appointment availability, and contact information. Our staff will be in touch within 24 hours.