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Photolight Rejuvenation

Medicine has yet to find a way to turn back time, but Massaging Light Therapy makes it easier to look younger in no time at all!

It is one of the hottest topics in the field of skin care.  This is because the procedure can help aging or sun-damaged skin through a series of treatments (up to 30 minutes) that requires No Recovery Time.


1.  Increases collagen production thus reducing wrinkles. 

2.  Creates more skin moisture to help fill out the skin.

3.  Increases circulation, providing a healthier skin tone.

4.  Restores the skin's natural cellular (collagen) activity.

5.  Reduces melanin production, which causes nutritional elements existing within the skin to increase.

Because it firms up the skin, it's like giving yourself a collagen injection...but using your own collagen and at far less cost.


-Wrinkles, lines & folds

-Age spots & sun damage

-Coarse skin and large pores

-Unsightly blemishes


-Dilated capillaries & Rosacea

-Helps with acne

Now only $1.00 per minute!

Treatments that visibly improve the appearance of the skin.  Photo Rejuvenation is used to conquer the signs of aging and clear up acne.  Light-therapy treatments are thought to stimulate collagen production, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation and increase circulation.  The hand held device uses powerful wavelengths and frequencies to help prolong the results of light-therapy treatments.

Take advantage of the synergistic (2+2=6) effect of using Photo-Rejuvenation in conjunction with a facial, peel or microderm abrasion.  A key point to remember is that this is a healing light, unlike UV radiation (sunlight).


NASA developed this technology to help astronauts heal in space under zero gravity conditions.  It is now used to heal wounds in space and on earth, speed up recovery of musclo-skeletal injuries in Navy Seals, treat hard to heal sores on cancer patients and diabetics and LED based light therapy has been chosen over lasers due to safety and overall cost effectiveness.


Lasers have been in use for less than 20 years.  The activity in Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has exploded since publication of NASA and Russian Space program work in wound healing in the mid-nineties.  LLLT has been shown to increase collagen production, increase RNA/DNA synthesis and increase ATP production and 24 other cellular responses.  Until recently lasers were used because of their ability to produce a single wavelength of light.  Lasers have some inherent characteristics that make their use problematic.  Their narrow beam width makes treating large areas difficult and costly.  LED's offer an effective alternative to lasers.  They have the ability to produce a single wavelength of light, can be arraigned in larger arrays to treat large areas and are much less costly.  A laser based IPL treatment can be as much as five times the cost of an LED based treatment, the treatment can be painful and uncomfortable, there is some recovery time involved and with lasers there is always an inherent of damage.  Lasers must be used by a qualified medical professional whereas LED based IPL can be used in a spa type setting as it can do no harm.

How does it work?

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the fuel that powers all cellular chemical reactions.  When you increase ATP you increase the bodies' ability to repair itself.  This coupled with increased RNA/DNA synthesis and collagen production allows the body to repair tissues faster.  Since cells are photo-receptive light therapy just speeds up your bodies own ability to repair itself.



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